Birth Story Medicine®

Promoting Healing Through Birth Story Sharing

Birth is one of the most transformational moments in a woman’s life (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). Sometimes, the unexpected turn of events during labor and birth create an experience far from what the birthing mother envisioned during her pregnancy, leading to questions about the event or even birth trauma. A woman left to process this trauma on her own may leave her to feel overwhelmed or confusion and in some cases, guilt may arise associated with the experience. With the busy lifestyle of a new mother, there can be a tendency to sweep these emotions aside, leaving them to linger, often times these feelings resurface during the next pregnancy, in preparation for the delivery of the second baby.

As women, our birth stories are an integral part of who we are and thus, the trauma associated with a birth may never dissipate. We carry our stories with us throughout our life and if the stories go unhealed, they influence and shape the next pregnancy and birth. On a larger scale, our birth stories, healed or wounded--and how we share them--affect birth in our culture. Healing a birth story can also lead to healing birth in our community.

Birth Story Medicine sessions are offered by Shelley Rahim, RPYT. During a 1 hour 15 minute session, mothers will meet with Shelley to discuss their birth story and promote the healing process. Also available are small group healing circles with up to four women at a time. Shelley has been trained by Pam England and Virginia Borbo in leading birth story listening sessions.

Session Detail

Meet with Shelley for a 1 hour 15 minute private session. Follow up sessions are available.
Fee: $65

Contact Shelley for information and scheduling