Couples Birth Warrior Prenatal Yoga℠ Workshop

Expectant parents will enjoy...

“Shelley’s prenatal yoga class for couples was one of the most valuable things that we did together in preparation for our son’s birth. While the books we read and the birth classes we went to together helped prepare us intellectually for labor and birth, Shelley’s class helped us to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her class allowed us to BE in our bodies together in a way that taught us how to labor more lovingly together. We used SO many postures from her class during labor...slow dancing, cat-cow, squats and lunges, among others. We also used so many of the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. But most of all, it was the calm, centered, emotional connection that Shelley helps couples find in her class that served us so well through Miles’ birth. We will definitely take her class again when we are ready to have another child!”

-Emily & Chris

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