Doula Services

“Because each birth is unique to itself each mother is going to have different needs.
I will tailor service to provide you with support and care to fit your labor.”

Prenatal Support

  • Complimentary 1st meeting to decide if we are a good match
  • Up to 3 prenatal visits to discuss needs and prepare you for labor, birth and newborn
  • Email and phone support throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum
  • Accompany you to meet doctor or midwife (optional)
  • Suggestions for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth
  • Processing and healing previous birth experience~ fear releasing (if applicable)
  • Assistance in developing a birth plan

Labor Support

  • On-call 24/7 two-three weeks prior to due date
  • Massage, aromatherapy and other alternative pain relief measures during labor
  • Ongoing support throughout labor, birth and immediate postpartum
  • Labor and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labor progress
  • A birth ball available for use during labor
  • Assistance in decision making when interventions are proposed
  • Reiki and holding sacred space

Postpartum Support

  • Breastfeeding assistance immediately after delivery if needed
  • Photography if desired
  • 1 follow-up home visit, approximately 1-2 weeks postpartum
  • Written record of the entire labor and birth
  • Infant massage techniques demonstrated if desired

Cost For Entire Service

  • $1100 paid in full upon hiring, unless other arrangements are made
  • Invoice for insurance reimbursement (clients are often reimbursed up to 70% of fee paid)


“During my first pregnancy and delivery, I found that Shelley’s prenatal yoga and couples yoga classes gave my husband and me an amazingly powerful set of tools for enjoying pregnancy and connecting with our baby. Coupled with the care of midwives at UCSD’s Birth Center, Shelley’s classes gave us all the support we needed for a natural birth. During my second pregnancy, our insurance changed and we worried that there would be less support for natural birth at the new hospital. We were thrilled when Shelley agreed to be our doula. She helped us prepare a birth plan, stayed in touch leading up to the labor day, and then got right to work on helping me labor at home for as long as possible before we went to the hospital. She and my husband worked as a perfect team to help me through each contraction. Even though the hospital setting was indeed much more challenging than the Birth Center, having Shelley as our doula made all the difference. She brought all the right things– everything from coconut water to a heart full of love and strength. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone!”

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