Guest Speakers

About once a month, a guest speaker is invited to the Saturday morning class to share their knowledge and experience of childbirth, parenting, or yoga.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the resources available to help you have the childbirth experience you wish to have. There is always time for questions and answers during the presentation.

Some recent guest speakers:

Jennifer Hirsch, CNM

Midwife visit

Jennifer Hirsch sharing her wisdom and humor with prenatal yoga students.

Midwife visit

Meet a Doula Day

Doula Day

Doulas from left to right. Teresa Weinstein, Petra Vetter, Rosemary Mason, Diana Kay, Cindy Bean, Moni Waiblinger, Stacey Scarborough and Leigh Fenly. In front, Ann De La Torre.

Doula Day Doula Day

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