Emily & Chris

“Shelley’s prenatal yoga class for couples was one of the most valuable things that we did together in preparation for our son’s birth. While the books we read and the birth classes we went to together helped prepare us intellectually for labor and birth, Shelley’s class helped us to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her class allowed us to BE in our bodies together in a way that taught us how to labor more lovingly together. We used SO many postures from her class during labor...slow dancing, cat-cow, squats and lunges, among others. We also used so many of the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. But most of all, it was the calm, centered, emotional connection that Shelley helps couples find in her class that served us so well through Miles’ birth. We will definitely take her class again when we are ready to have another child!”


Shelley, Anne and Mona "I attended a prenatal yoga workshop with Shelley around 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I immediately connected with the practice, and with the energy Shelley put into it, so I decided to join her class. I could tell it would be helpful, but also that I was going to enjoy it.

At that time, I already knew I wanted to try a natural birth. I read books, talked to other mothers about their childbirth experiences, turned to a midwifery practice for prenatal care, and most importantly learnt to know and trust my body during my weekly yoga classes. Every Friday, I would look forward to the class coming the following morning. Each session was a delightful time to connect with my baby, listen to my inner feelings, and prepare my mind and body for labor, delivery and ultimately motherhood. Shelley conveys a wonderfully positive energy that made me feel more serene and confident as the months passed. Regular practice helped me remain strong and tuned into my body throughout pregnancy.

I went into labor earlier than we expected, a few hours after attending one of those Saturday morning classes. Breathing, vocalizing, the practice of different positions, and relaxation techniques I had learnt all proved essential tools to face a long labor and ultimately deliver my baby in the natural, unmedicated way I had hoped for. My husband played a crucial role as he was my "doula", and he also greatly benefited from Shelley's couples classes.

I remember a few hours after our baby girl was born, looking at her and thinking that for a warrior, I felt exhausted, but yes, childbirth was certainly empowering. Thank you Shelley from all three of us for helping us make our birth experience beautiful!"


"The thing I miss most about being pregnant is your wonderful prenatal yoga class. Thanks so much for your encouraging, gentle, relaxing but challenging class. You are definitely meant to be a prenatal yoga instructor. I will tell every pregnant mommy I know about your class. It was my pregnancy treat."


"Thank you for teaching me to 'Trust and Surrender'. Your yoga lessons inspire me, as you do! Thank you for helping me find my inner 'Birth Warrior'. I couldn't have done it without you!"

Lena & Bruce

"Dear Shelley,

Lena and I would like to thank you for the incredible experience we had during your couples prenatal yoga classes.

As many husbands could be, I was somewhat skeptical about making an eight week commitment, let alone, not knowing how I might feel Sunday morning, or heaven forbid, the possibility of missing a Charger's football game! But commit we did. We had made a much bigger commitment in wanting to give birth and the couples prenatal yoga enhanced it in immeasurable ways.

Your lesson plan was thoroughly and spiritually laid out. The meditations and yoga postures (no matter how inflexible I was) were beautifully connected and energizing. You gently, yet naturally, included our baby in uterus, Sienna, into the routines and we felt that she was so much a part of our experience.

We loved your artwork and how you inspired our own. While one might think that this was entirely "serious work", your playfulness and humor (and putting up with my silly humor) kept us connected and invigorated. We came away from each session filled with a heartfelt awe that is difficult to describe. We were literally transforming and couldn't wait for next week's class.

However, we had no idea how much more this would mean to us and carry us throughout our ultimate birthing experience. During labor and birth and continuing thereafter, we felt an "out of body" experience that was so spiritually connected with the work you did with us. We are eternally grateful and thankful for your wonderful gift to us.

Lena & Bruce

PS. Sienna thanks you, too!"


"I started practicing yoga about one year before I got pregnant. I loved it. So when I got pregnant it was natural for me to attend prenatal yoga classes. I went to a different studio and thought that the class was ok. Then I moved to Poway and discovered Shelley's class. At first I thought that her style was a bit 'out there' for me, as I had not committed to having a natural birth. But the more I progressed in my pregnancy, I realized that I wanted to attempt an unmedicated birth, and Shelley's approach resonated well with me. Shelley is warm, nurturing, and is a great support of all that is woman. She has wonderful energy. Her classes left me feeling relaxed, but empowered and confident. I used many of her breathing techniques, visualizations, and labor positions during my 48 hr labor. In the end I was successful in having my unmedicated birth. Shelley's prenatal yoga class definitely contributed to my success. Shelley is awesome."


"About half way through my pregnancy, I started having bad sciatica and a friend recommended I try yoga. Having taken yoga before, I knew the stretching would help relieve some of the pain, but I never expected that it would completely change my views about childbirth. Shelley took us through a series of meditations, affirmations and breathing techniques during each class and the more I practiced yoga, the more I realized I wanted to try and have a natural birth. With the visualizations and vocalizations we practiced in class, and the help of an awesome doula, I was able to give birth to a very healthy baby boy without medication."


"Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and care during my pregnancy. You helped me to believe that I can give birth naturally. Most of all, you helped me believe in myself and to trust my body's wisdom. What would I have done without you?"


"I started Shelley's yoga class at the end of my first trimester and I continued my yoga practice with her until the night I went into labor. The yoga asanas we practiced helped to keep my body strong during pregnancy and provided me with the stamina I needed for labor. Most of all, Shelley's teachings, artwork, visualizations, and vocal toning techniques were all essential tools that helped me during labor, particularly during the last few hours. All of these teachings put together allowed me to ultimately have the natural, drug free childbirth experience I had hoped for. Shelley's couples classes were also a valuable learning experience for my husband as they prepared him for his role in our son's birth.

Yoga with Shelley not only gave me the strength to pursue and achieve a beautiful birth experience, it made my journey into motherhood all the more beautiful. Thank you Shelley for helping me find the birth warrior within myself!"


"Prenatal yoga has helped me a lot. The strength with which I was pushing, my doctor was like, 'Were you doing aerobics throughout your pregnancy or what? From where did you get that strength?' I was like 'No, its prenatal yoga!' Even during my surgery the doctor said, 'Your uterus, ovaries, all look very good. That prenatal yoga has helped your muscles!'

So thanks to you for your yoga classes. I will always remember those. Your gentle massage during shavasana were soo relaxing and motherly. Your personality makes its very easy to connect with you. Even my husband felt the same way."


"While I was pregnant, I made it a point to attend Shelley's prenatal yoga classes every week. I loved her classes because it gave me lot of confidence along with a sense of well being and made me cherish my pregnancy. All the 'asanas' that we did in class took off most of the usual pregnancy pains and made me relax and connect with my baby. I use to look forward to hearing her assuring and comforting words especially during the 'savasana'. Thank you very much Shelley for all your support and guidance during my pregnancy."


"All in all, it was relatively long, but I am very happy that we could have the natural birth I was hoping for. I owe you a lot for that. Prenatal yoga was an important part of my pregnancy well-being, and I also used a lot of things you had taught me during the labor. Apart from the breathing, vocalizing and relaxation I think it was good for me to learn how to be more aware of my body and my inner feelings, which helped trust my body's abilities and 'surrender'. So, thank you so much!

I owe a lot to the staff at the UCSD birth center, it's a great place to have a child. They were very sensitive and respectful."

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